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Our Impact

Since 2011, we have:


Clinical & Technical Assistance Trainings


Behavioral Health Providers


of NYS Licensed/Certified Behavioral Health Agencies

CTAC and MCTAC are committed to providing quality training opportunities that meets the needs of those we serve. We aim to achieve this by soliciting feedback, continuous quality improvement, program evaluation and publishing our research findings.

We invite you to learn more by reviewing out latest briefs and publications below.

Our Research

Acri, M., Fuss, A. A., Quintero, P., Hoagwood, K., Mckay, M. M., & Cleek, A. (2019). Disseminating clinical and fiscal practices across the New York State behavioral healthcare system. Social Work in Health Care, 58(6), 557–563. doi: 10.1080/00981389.2019.1593281

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Olin, S.-C. S., Chor, K. H. B., Weaver, J., Duan, N., Kerker, B. D., Clark, L. J., … Horwitz, S. M. (2015). Multilevel Predictors of Clinic Adoption of State-Supported Trainings in Children’s Services. Psychiatric Services, 66(5), 484–490. doi: 10.1176/

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us as; subject line: ctac impact