Training Series

Here you will find a list of recent training series by title. Click each title to expand and learn more.

Turn-Over a New Leaf: Employee Investment Series

This series covers all costs associated with employee turnover and provides strategies for assessment and reduction.
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Voices from the Field: A CTAC Podcast

Join us as we embark on discussing mental health, our perspectives on wellness and its impact on youth and families and hear Voices From the Field.
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Healing-Centered Schools: Integrating Trauma-Informed and Resilience Building Approaches as Students Return to School

The series uses a 3-tiered framework for supporting healing-centered practices and offers practical Tier 1 (Universal) approaches to support students returning to school.
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Assessment Overview and Basics

These two webinars on assessment will discuss important considerations for thorough and quality assessment in working with children and their families.

Article 29-I Billing

This series will help providers prepare for the Article 29-I Voluntary Foster Care Agency (VFCA) transition.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

National experts present 3 webinars to help expand knowledge of research, tools and core competencies for working with individuals with ASD throughout the life stages.

Bias and Equity in Early Childhood

Across two webinars, Dr. Gilliam will explore ways to implement effective methods for reducing classroom behavior problems and preschool expulsion.

Billing for Mental Health Clinics

This webinar series explores the concepts of billing in mental health clinics. Topics include billing for beginners, dealing with claim denials and revenue maximization.

Black Boys & Men: Changing the Narrative

This series calls into question issues of systemic racism and oppression & provides concrete steps to attend to issues that disproportionately affect Black boys and men.

Business Best Practices and Management

This webinar series was designed to support organizations with limited infrastructure and resources in understanding best practices in business operations.

Business Intelligence Tools

This series will explore the concepts of business intelligence and use a productivity monitoring use-case to demonstrate the power of these tools available in MS Excel.

Community Delivered Services

ICL has put together videos to explore how to implement services in the community, taking into consideration such topics as insurance, budgeting, safety issues, etc.

Conversations with Dr. Tony

Join “Dr. Tony” in an educational series designed to offer behavioral health providers an opportunity to gain highly relevant insights from distinguished thought leaders.

CTAC/MCTAC Website: Walkthrough and How To

This series aims to help providers gain a better understanding of our website so that they can find and utilize the valuable MCTAC & CTAC trainings, tools, and resources.

Data: Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg

This series goes beyond underscoring the importance of collecting data. Organizations will be equipped with tools and strategies to help them effectively use their data.


Documentation is one of the most important components of delivering behavioral health services.

Family Alignment

This series guides providers from the first contact with families through discharge. It emphasizes collaboration and engagement of families for treatment plans.

Family Treatment During COVID-19

This offering focuses on supporting providers to consider the evidence on family treatment, and to include a parent-education and coaching component in their practice.

Grief & Loss

Grief is a common response to the loss of someone or something of value. This series covers how to support those grieving.

Harm Reduction

What does “harm reduction” actually mean in social service settings? Examples of harm reduction in service settings and with various populations will be discussed.

HEDIS Measures for Collaborative Care

MCTAC in partnership with CCSI and the Office of Mental Health (OMH) is offering an informational series regarding HEDIS ® Measures and their impact.

ICL Integrated Care

This series, led by ICL, covers a wide array of topics and strategies to provide more integrated care to clients.

Kinship Care

This webinar series will give a better understanding of kinship care in New York State, services available, and information on financial assistance and legal options.

Outcomes: From Ideas to Action

This series will take providers through the process of deciding what to measure, collecting data, review tools to interpret and communicate data, and how to use data.

Performance Driven Academy (PDA) Year 1

This series provided participants with an immersive learning experience in order to support their organizations in the transition to a value-based environment.

Resolution Focused Crisis Support

This is a series designed to increase Family Peer Advocates’ precision in delivering support to parents that is family-centered, strength-based, and resolution focused.

Shattering Walls

This series provides information about resources and best practices for working with clients who may have experienced or are experiencing sexual abuse, violence, etc.

Supervision Best Practices

This webinar series covers key core competencies of supervision, with strategies and recommendations to guide you in your work.

Trauma Informed Care

Viewers will gain knowledge of the 5 core principles of Trauma Informed Care, and build an understanding of how they need to be present for both the recipient and staff.

Trauma Sensitive Schools

This series is intended for school-based administrators, pupil personnel services staff and mental health providers interested in preparing schools to address trauma.

When Child Mental Health is a Concern

This webinar series provides an overview of common childhood mental health diagnoses as well as strategies for FPAs to support family engagement and partnership.

Workforce Priorities

In this webinar series, we discuss how to use HR to attract, hire, and retain a workforce that will help you deliver high-quality services and accomplish your goals.