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Documentation Done Right Workbook Series


Documentation is one of the most important components of delivering behavioral health services. All behavioral health providers are required to meet regulatory standards of practice that include appropriate documentation.

As such, CTAC is pleased to present this extensive workbook and tipsheet series which is designed to help providers hone their documentation skills and create high-quality, effective, and comprehensive notes at your own pace. 

Documentation Done Right Part 1: Introduction

March 31, 2021
Documentation is an important component of delivering behavioral health services and has far reaching implications on the care of a participant. Wondering where to begin? Check out our resources that are designed to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and offer guidance as to which workbo...

Documentation Done Right Part 2: Workbooks

March 31, 2021
As part of the Documentation Done Right Workbook Series, these workbooks are designed to share best practices in documentation and provide users with exercises to practice these skills. Each stand-alone Documentation Done Right workbook targets a specific skill area and is available as a PDF. Choos...

Documentation Done Right Part 3: Tip Sheets

March 31, 2021
As part of the Documentation Done Right Workbook Series, these tip sheets provide useful information and best practices around documentation. Learn more about each resource below! Tip Sheet:  Documenting Evidence-Based Practices: This tipsheet outlines best practices when documenting the use of ev...
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