Training Series

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) Leadership

As the world of child and family behavioral health is challenged to make a shift in how services are delivered, residential treatment providers are encouraged to move toward working in full and active partnership with state agencies, schools, parents, and the community. This webinar series urges residential leaders to look at emerging trends, innovative service delivery models, critical skill sets needed by staff, and strategies toward extending residential services into the community.

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) Leadership: Embarking on a New Path

December 17, 2015
This webinar will explore the rationale for rethinking the role of residential in the service system, increase their understanding of how to develop organizational capacity to expand community based services, identify and capitalize on their strengths, and provide practical strategies for providers...

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) Leadership: Culture-Driven Leadership

January 15, 2016
There is growing recognition of the need for organizations to infuse a performance management culture not only in residential treatment, but in all levels of the organization. A critical component in all employees understanding and embracing a performance based culture is defining, teaching, assessi...

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) Leadership: Performance Excellence: Measuring What Matters

June 20, 2016
Agencies, already overwhelmed by the demands of day-to-day operations, are facing mounting pressure to demonstrate that their programs really do make a difference in the lives of youth and families. In today’s climate of dwindling funding and increasing accountability, utilizing data to analyze an...
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