Training Series

Shattering Walls

This series aims to build more awareness around sexual abuse and violence and provide perspective and information about resources and best practices for providers who work with clients who may have experienced or are experiencing sexual abuse, violence, or assault. In this series we will focus on general awareness and overview, a survivor’s experience, the male perspective, community based interventions, and conclude with best practices.

An Overview of Sexual Violence, Abuse, and Assault

February 18, 2017
Adults who have experienced sexual trauma are at risk of PTSD, depression, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, alcohol and illicit drug use, suicidal behavior and suicidal threats, physical symptoms, and severe preoccupations with physical appearances (Yuan, Koss, & Stone, 2006). Children who have...

Breaking the Silence

March 23, 2017
Breaking the Silence is an overview of the importance of coming forward as a survivor of sexual assault. Survivors can do this simply by stating their name and that they are a survivor; Sarah will share her story of assault and healing.

Understanding Childhood Sexual Abuse of Boys and Men

April 05, 2017
Society is becoming increasingly aware of male rape. However, experts believe that current male rape statistics vastly under-represent the actual number of males who are raped each year. Rape crisis counselors estimate that while only one in 50 raped women report the crime to police, the rates of un...

Community-Based Interventions

May 12, 2017
This webinar gives us an introductory historical examination of the intimate partner violence movement and its eventual reliance on carceral practices and policies. It will then discuss contemporary community-based interventions (commonly labeled transformative justice interventions), which build on...

Trauma and Sexual Violence

June 08, 2017
This webinar will provide an overview of best practices for those providers who work with survivors of sexual violence and/or assault. There will be an overview of trauma and exercises to help providers learn some of the best practices to best help and support clients who have survived these experie...
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