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Fiscal Operations and the Interrelationship with Program Operations


Too often, finance staff are siloed from other departments. This divide is deepened when staff do not have a clear understanding of each other's roles and the impact each department has on achieving the organization's mission and vision. 


MCTAC's latest series, Fiscal Operations and the Interrelationship with Program Operations, explores how to develop a robust finance department and the relationships between an agency's fiscal infrastructure and the development of a business plan, strategic planning, executive leadership, and key operational and programmatic functions.


Through a series of three pre-recorded webinars, you will set your own learning pace before joining a final live office hour where you can bring your questions, ideas, and shared experiences around this subject area. 

Developing a Robust Finance Department: The Six Essential Building Blocks

September 08, 2022
A robust financial department is integral in supporting an agency's mission and sustainability. But what does an agency need to build and maintain a strong nonprofit finance department? How does this change among agencies of different sizes? And what are the pros and cons of having financial functio...

Understanding the Relationship between Financial Operations and Supporting an Agency's Mission, Vision and Business Strategy

September 23, 2022
This webinar focuses on the internal functioning of the fiscal department. This includes the information it needs from staff and how to integrate it and the reports that are made available to leadership.  This presentation also discusses leadership's responsibility to build a business and strategi...

Breaking the Silos: Fostering Collaboration between Finance Departments and Program Staff

October 11, 2022
Finance and program staff often work independently of each other without a clear understanding of each other’s roles and the importance of working together. This webinar describes the importance of collaboration between the finance department, agency leadership and staff, and the board, and provi...

Fiscal Operations and the Interrelationship with Program Operations Office Hour

October 27, 2022
In conclusion to the series, Roberta Katz hosted a 60-minute interactive session on October 27th, where participants brought their questions, ideas and shared their experiences with the facilitators of the series. There was also a brief review of the information presented during the three preceding...
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