Training Series

Performance Driven Academy (PDA) Year 1

MCTAC announced the launch of a year-long educational series to prepare agencies for value-based payment: Performance Driven Academy earlier this year. Led by CCSI, one of MCTAC’s partners, this series provided participants with an immersive learning experience consisting of in-person events, webinars, opportunities for office hours and small group work over the course of two semesters. Participants came away from the Performance Driven Academy with the skills to support their organizations in the transition to a value-based environment

PDA: Performance Driven Culture

January 16, 2018

PDA: Collaboration as a Tool for Success

February 06, 2018

PDA: Best Practices in Human Resources

February 27, 2018

PDA: Effective Measurement Practices

April 11, 2018
  KeywordsPDA, measurement

PDA: CQI Practices

May 02, 2018

PDA: Practice Development and Management

May 23, 2018

PDA: Revenue Cycle Management

July 17, 2018
One Excel sheet is a blank template and the other has data to be referenced as an example.If you are planning on using the tool, take some time with the instructions and the example file to acquaint yourselves to the structure and the types of data that will be required. KeywordsPDA, rcm, revenue c...

PDA: Assessing Corporate Compliance, HIPAA Privacy and Security

August 07, 2018

PDA: Contracting and Negotiation

August 28, 2018

PDA: Strategic Planning

October 03, 2018
The 10th webinar in the Performance Driven Academy.  Learning Objectives: Understand why your agency might decide to move forward with a Strategic Planning processUnderstand the steps to take to support successful planningConsider the pitfalls of “not doing it right.”Consider planning data ne...

PDA: Monitoring Population Characteristics

October 24, 2018
In this webinar, participants will learn the critical importance of: How Defining Population Health can Aid in the Addressing of Health Inequities & DisparitiesDeveloping a Common Understanding of Vulnerable Populations, Health Equity, Health Disparities, SDOHGaining an Understanding - "Who Do We S...

PDA: Marketing and Communications

November 28, 2018
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