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Community-Delivered Services: Best Practices and Innovations

CTAC & MCTAC are proud to offer a seven-part pre-recorded webinar series and accompanying workbook on best practices and innovations in providing behavioral health services in the home or community. 


Each part of this series focuses on a specific topic related to delivering services in the community, so you can explore the information that is relevant to your work. This series is applicable to senior leadership, program directors, supervisors, front line staff, and other professionals interested in best practices in community-delivered services.


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Community-Delivered Services: Overview

June 15, 2022
This offering introduces the series and reviews the importance of delivering services in the community, with a focus on program models, benefits for participants and providers, challenges for providers and agencies, and best practice themes. CTAC & MCTAC are proud to offer a seven-part pre-recorded...

Community-Delivered Services: Infrastructure

June 15, 2022
This offering provides information on service delivery issues including geography and transportation, technology, scheduling, and documentation. It also covers budgeting for expenses, revenue planning and billing, policies, marketing, and outcomes monitoring. CTAC & MCTAC are proud to offer a seven...

Community-Delivered Services: Leadership and Culture

June 29, 2022
This offering discusses considerations for agency and program leadership, and reviews strategies for fostering team connections, strengthening staff morale, and supporting staff wellness, along with tips for effective management and supervision.  CTAC & MCTAC are proud to offer a seven-part pre-re...

Community-Delivered Services: Staffing

June 29, 2022
This offering provides information related to hiring and retaining staff in community-delivered services, including key staff qualities, hiring tips, interviewing, professional development, supervision and support, and communications. It also reviews how to maximize and support the expertise of peer...

Community-Delivered Services: Safety

July 13, 2022
This offering reviews how agencies can support the safety and well-being of staff who provide services in the community. It covers several approaches agencies and teams can use to maintain safety, including policies and protocols, information sharing, training, and technology supports, as well as st...

Community-Delivered Services: Clinical Approaches

July 13, 2022
This offering reviews some of the most relevant clinical approaches when delivering services in the community, such as trauma-responsive and resilience-focused work, strengths-based and recovery-oriented approaches, cultural humility and responsivity, harm reduction, and the ecological approach. CT...

Community-Delivered Services: Engagement

July 13, 2022
This offering provides information on engagement in community-delivered services, including tips for promoting engagement and potential barriers to engagement from the perspective of both the participant and the provider. It also addresses concerns related to privacy and confidentiality. CTAC & MCT...

Community-Delivered Services Planning Workbook

July 27, 2022
The Community-Delivered Services Planning Workbook is designed as a guide to help providers ensure their program models and practices reflect current best practices for working in the field. The workbook is intended for both experienced providers as well as those new to this way of providing service...
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