Training Series

Grief & Loss

Grief is a common and natural response to the loss of someone or something of value. Everyone experiences loss and grief at some point in their lives; therefore, it is important to know how to support those grieving.

Part 1: Love, Loss, and Grief

November 28, 2017
This webinar helps individuals understand how we experience love, loss and grief. Although most individuals naturally adapt to the most difficult losses, some develop complications that prevent the process of adaptation from moving forward. This webinar helps individuals understand how to recognize...

Part 2: Saying Goodbye: Families Coping with a Loved One’s Terminal Illness

December 06, 2017
The authors of Saying Goodbye: A Guide to Coping with a Loved One’s Terminal Illness discusses a “road map” describing the various phases that families go through when confronted with a terminal or potentially terminal diagnosis and advice garnered from these sources as to how to cope and prep...

Part 3: Beyond Kübler-Ross: New Perspectives in Death, Dying and Grief

December 14, 2017
While Kübler-Ross’ work is nearing a half-century old, most grief clinicians now emphasize the very individual pathways that individuals experience in grief. This webinar presentation explores the most current theoretical perspectives on loss and grief, emphasizing five areas where understandings...
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