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Want to Learn About Social Justice?

These offerings can help providers and organizations get a good foundational understanding of anti-oppressive practice, cultural humility, and what is needed to develop a more socially just practice. 

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth and Their Families

December 21, 2022
This 3-module course begins by providing a foundational understanding of the impact  and importance of affirming the identities of LGBTQ+ youth. We then focus on supporting youth in the coming out process as they consider if, when, and how they come out to people in their life. Lastly, we focus on...

Cultural Humility

December 17, 2020
This course aims to provide learners with a foundational understanding of cultural humility, cultural competence, and how to work through our biases. Over three modules, learners will explore their own identities and how they impact their work, examine internal biases and stereotypes, and practice a...

How Anti-Oppressive Practice Can Impact Our Work

November 23, 2020
In a time when anti-racism, equality, equity, and diversity are at the forefront of our minds, practitioners and organizations are seeking approaches that work to reduce systemic inequities, and promote positive outcomes. Anti-Oppressive Practice works to analyze and redistribute power within instit...

Becoming a Socially Just Organization: Why should we care and what can we do?

November 05, 2020
This presentation is for organizational leaders to learn about ways to understand and begin the conversation about anti-racism and anti-oppression. We have reached a pivotal moment with regards to race and oppression in this country. Behavioral health organizations face a number of challenges when...

The Social Determinants of Health: Connecting the Dots

March 31, 2020
This self-paced learning module is intended to provide learners at all levels with a basic understanding of the social determinants of health and the impact of the environment on our overall well-being. To access this course, sign in at and select Course Catalog.

Race, Racism and Clinical Practice

March 31, 2019
This module explores the history, impact, and importance of race and racism in the service delivery process. After you complete this module, you will be able to: Describe the history of race and racism within the United States. Define race, racism, and other relevant terms in order to increase c...

An Introduction to the ACES Study

February 14, 2019
Since the Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) study was published in the late 1990s, demonstrating that an increase in ACEs leads to an increase in one’s risk of various health and social issues, it has become the corner stone of the Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) movement. There are plenty of videos, art...

Underprivileged & Underserved: The Impact of Poverty on Mental Health

March 30, 2016
Living in poverty has been linked to psychological distress that — unless addressed — can impact an individual’s trajectory to wellness. Lack of knowledge, fear and bias can prevent both the provider and client from discussing poverty’s effect on treatment. Therefore, in order to effectively...
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