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What are the Social Determinants of Health?

This set of offerings provides an overview of the social determinants of health (SDOH) to help you think critically about social factors and their direct and indirect effects on an individual’s health and mental health.

The Social Determinants of Health: Connecting the Dots

March 31, 2020
This self-paced learning module is intended to provide learners at all levels with a basic understanding of the social determinants of health and the impact of the environment on our overall well-being. To access this course, sign in at and select Course Catalog.

Conversations with Dr. Tony - ft. Dr. Arthur Evans, CEO of the American Psychological Association on Population Health

April 22, 2019
Join Anthony Salerno, PhD (“Dr. Tony”) in a new educational series designed to offer behavioral health providers an opportunity to gain highly relevant insights from distinguished thought leaders across the country. Each presentation starts off with a 30-minute conversation followed by a 15 minu...

What's Food Got To Do With It? Food Insecurity and Mental Health

February 08, 2017
We know that our participants in services often have many other challenges in their lives aside from mental health needs, including physical health problems, housing, substance abuse, or even trauma. We are now aware of another social problem that is often overlooked. It is the silent problem of hun...

Housing IS Healthcare: What Can Be Done to Address the Most Important Social Determinant of Health?

December 14, 2016
Without a stable place of residence, it is exceedingly difficult for disabled individuals to address their many healthcare needs. This webinar reviews research confirming the importance of housing for individuals with special needs, and explores what is currently being done to help them achieve hous...

The Shame of Being Poor? Stigma as a Social Determinant of Health

November 17, 2016
Many people who seek or are in need of social services experience stigma related to a variety of factors, such as age, income, race and ethnicity, immigration status, and health conditions. Using case studies and interactive discussions, this webinar explores the ways in which stigma can be a social...

Out of the System and into the Workforce: Employment as a Social Determinant

September 27, 2016
The unemployment rate is not our biggest problem. Rather, attention must be geared toward the lack of participation in the workforce. Why are many settling for public benefits? This webinar takes an honest look at what we need to do as a community to change this unsettling dynamic. Focusing on pover...

Legacies of Pain and Resilience: Clinical Implications for Understanding Historical Trauma and Race

August 25, 2016
Historical Trauma (HT) refers to the psychological distress experienced by survivors or descendants of human initiated acts of oppression.  This webinar helped clinicians understand HT and provided some clarity regarding the intergenerational transmission of trauma and how it relates to racial oppr...

The SEED's of Health: Exploring the Impact of Social, Economic, and Educational Determinants

August 10, 2016
There is a general lack of understanding and appreciation for the contribution of social, educational, poverty related and economic factors in health disparities and outcomes. This webinar is designed to define and identify the role of social determinants in health as well as explore strategies to a...

Coming Home: Working from the Trauma Informed Perspective with the Justice Involved Population

July 12, 2016
People involved in the justice system present unique limitations when acclimating back in society. They are faced by joblessness, economic instability, and feelings of isolation. This webinar will outline the impact of trauma experienced by the justice involved population on an individual’s physic...

The Things that Matter: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

June 27, 2016
The circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, work, and age shape health in powerful ways. One’s social and physical environment, access to a quality education and health services, and socio-economic status collectively have a major influence on their quality of life. This webinar pro...
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