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PSYCKES Training Webinars

PSYCKES stands for the Psychiatric Services and Clinical Knowledge Enhancement System. PSYCKES is a secure, HIPAA-compliant web-based platform developed by the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) for sharing Medicaid billing claims and encounter data, other state health administrative data, and data and documents entered by providers and patients. PSYCKES supports quality improvement, clinical decision-making and care coordination.

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Using PSYCKES for Clinical Care and Care Coordination
Provides a brief overview of the PSYCKES application, including levels of access to child’s data, how to look up a child in recipient search, and the information available in the client-level clinical summary (especially to confirm eligibility), including information on mental health and medical diagnoses, medications, health home care management, children’s HCBS and CFTSS services, outpatient and hospital treatment, quality flags, risk factors and more. To access recording and slides, visit the PSYCKES training webinars webpage.

Using PSYCKES for Population Health Management and Quality Improvement
Provides a brief overview of how to run a report to identify children you’re serving who are engaged in children’s HCBS, CFTSS, health home, and other services; children eligible for services such as the children’s waiver; Children’s Waiver K codes; children with medical co-morbidities or specific risk factors such as high hospital utilization, history of suicidal ideation/self-harm, homelessness, or Transition age Youth (TAY), and how to track performance on an array of quality measures such as psychosocial care for kids on ADHD medication, screening for diabetes, or engagement in care after hospitalization. To access recording and slides, visit the PSYCKES training webinars webpage.

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