Azaria Wittekind

Overview of the NYS Youth Peer Advocate Training and Credentialing

The Youth Peer Advocate Training and Credentialing is now live! This webinar will provide a detailed overview of the Youth Peer Advocate Training and Credentialing process and the supports people have along the way. 

We will explore the topics covered in the Youth Peer Advocate Training, review the full process required to obtain a Youth Peer Advocate Credential, and answer any additional questions you may have.

Effectively Employing and Supervising Youth Peer Advocates

Youth Peer Advocates (YPAs) are uniquely qualified to engage and support young people through their own lived experience and their ability to bridge the gap between young people and their services. With this, there are some unique – and some not so unique – considerations to effectively employ, supervise, and retain YPAs. In this webinar, we will explore the YPA's role, supervision needs, considerations regarding agency policies, and in-service training recommendations. Additionally, participants will be connected with ongoing resources available to support this process.

Part I: How Can Youth Power! Help Your Organization Implement Youth Peer Services?

This webinar will introduce you to YOUTH POWER! and the services we provide to help programs across New York prepare to provide Youth Peer Support and Training, a new Medicaid state plan service. YOUTH POWER! is the agency that will be training and credentialing Youth Peer Advocates.  This webinar will include an overview of youth peer services, information on training and credentialing requirements, and ideas about how YOUTH POWER! can support your agency and Youth Peer Advocates.

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