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Adult BH HCBS Non-Medical Transportation: Roles and Process

MCTAC hosted a one-hour state-led webinar regarding Non-Medical Transportation. The DOH Transportation Unit presented on roles and process and reviewed allowable vs non-allowable trips. This webinar included time for discussion/Q&A. This webinar was intended for Health Home Care Managers, Health Plans, Transportation Managers and other stakeholders interested in adult non-medical transportation. 

Presentation slides and a Q&A document are available for download below. 


Foundations of the Managed Care Transition and Adult BH HCBS Implementation

This webinar, "Foundations of the Managed Care Transition and Adult BH HCBS Implementation," was the first installment of the NYS Behavioral Health Service Landscape Training Series.

This training was targeted towards NYC and Rest of State:

  • Health Home care management agencies and Health Home leads
  • Adult BH HCBS providers
  • Managed Care organizations/HARPs
  • All behavioral health providers


In-Person HCBS Service Cluster Training Series

MCTAC offered a training series for rest-of-state adult BH HCBS providers in July 2016, which covered the following:

  • An in-depth outline of specific services
  • Billing/staffing requirements
  • Billing guidelines
  • Documentation expectations
  • Exclusions

These trainings were geared toward currently designated adult BH HCBS providers in the rest of state regions, specifically staff, management, and leadership who overseeing and implementing HCBS in their agency.
The events were held statewide on the following dates:  


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