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Foundations of the Managed Care Transition and Adult BH HCBS Implementation

This webinar, "Foundations of the Managed Care Transition and Adult BH HCBS Implementation," was the first installment of the NYS Behavioral Health Service Landscape Training Series.

This training was targeted towards NYC and Rest of State:

  • Health Home care management agencies and Health Home leads
  • Adult BH HCBS providers
  • Managed Care organizations/HARPs
  • All behavioral health providers


In-Person HCBS Service Cluster Training Series

MCTAC offered a training series for rest-of-state adult BH HCBS providers in July 2016, which covered the following:

  • An in-depth outline of specific services
  • Billing/staffing requirements
  • Billing guidelines
  • Documentation expectations
  • Exclusions

These trainings were geared toward currently designated adult BH HCBS providers in the rest of state regions, specifically staff, management, and leadership who overseeing and implementing HCBS in their agency.
The events were held statewide on the following dates:  

NPI Number Webinar

This webinar guided agencies through the application process for an NPI number and also provided a general overview of its significance and utility. This web-based training is particularly important as HCBS providers must have either an NPI or MMIS number in order to bill for HARP services.  All HCBS providers are eligible for an NPI number, under the "other community behavioral health" category.  Getting an NPI number is the first step in preparing to  bill managed care plans.

Managed Care: Key Concepts for Family Peer Support Services Providers

Understanding the basics of managed care and the changes in the current system for children and family services will help your Family Peer Support Services program prepare for sustainability and growth.  This is the first of two webinars designed specifically to help FPSS programs learn the language of managed care and think about the steps needed to prepare.


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