Charles Morgan

Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery: Delivering Evidence-Based Care with Compassion

Dr. Charles Morgan, Acting Medical Director, NYS OASAS, and Patricia Lincourt, LCSW, Director of Practice Innovation and Care Management, NYS OASAS deliver an engaging conversation that defines the science supporting MAT, the clinical imperative to utilize MAT, and the power of compassion. Learn more about the efficacy of MAT in supporting and sustaining recovery.

OASAS Crisis Services: Improving the Continuum of Care and Bridging the Treatment Gap

Slides from the OASAS and CASA/MCTAC presentation on NYC Crisis Services and Early Stabilization are available for download below. This presentation included discussions around innovations to improve outcomes and transitions to care with OASAS, CASA/MCTAC, treatment providers, managed care plans, and other stakeholders. 

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