Cheryl Martin

Trauma-Informed Supervision**

The principles of trauma-informed care (TIC) posit that human service organizations must be trauma-informed not just for service recipients, but for the providers as well. Through the use of video case studies, this engaging webinar explored with participants what it means to offer supervision that aligns with a TIC approach. Participants were asked to think critically about what can change not only in the example videos, but in their own work as supervisors and supervisees. They were invited to create an action plan for change towards TIC in supervision practices.

Trauma Informed Collaboration**

Trauma-informed care (TIC) is frequently presented as having five guiding principles: safety, trust, choice, empowerment, and collaboration. With the understanding that few service providers are trained in collaborative approaches, this webinar will seek to build participant knowledge around strategies for increasing collaboration in their work. The principles and practices explored in this webinar will be relevant for all workplace interactions and relationships, including staff to staff, staff to client, and staff to community partners. 

Creating a Trauma Informed Environment: Promoting Physical & Emotional Safety**

When considering the implementation of a trauma-informed care (TIC) approach to service delivery, the principle of Safety is often neglected. Creating a trauma-informed environment entails attending to both the psychological and physical safety of service providers and recipients. This interactive webinar will guide participants through a deeper exploration of Safety and allow attendees to contrast and compare current practices with TIC aligned alternatives.

Trauma Informed Care 101**

There is growing awareness that trauma is pervasive and that the impact of trauma is often deep and life- shaping. This impact extends to a client’s understanding of, and interactions with, their own health care needs. Violence and trauma are often at the center of a client’s medical concerns, mental health challenges, and substance use. This webinar will offer an introduction to trauma and trauma-informed care (TIC) by presenting participants with a brief background on the effects of trauma and violence on the brain and development.


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