Chris Copeland

Introduction to the Data Matrix + Balanced Scorecard Approach

In this pre-recorded webinar, viewers will be introduced to the Data Matrix, a tool designed to help organizations identify and select critical data points and metrics to track. We will discuss the “Balanced Scorecard Approach”, a strategy that will help an organization select the key metrics that are both aligned with its mission and is actionable. 

This is the second webinar in the "Data: Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg" webinar series. 

Value-Based Care: One Provider's Journey, Part II

It’s more than Value-Based Payment; it’s Value-Based Care. The Institute for Community Living (ICL) shares their vision for culture change, and what they are doing now to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and increase access to quality care.

Part 2: From Volume to Value: Shifting the Paradigm: Chris Copeland, Chief Operating Officer, describes the fundamental shift in perspective needed to lead an organization into value-based care.

Target audience: Agency leadership and program directors

Managed Care Lessons Learned: The Provider's Perspective

MCTAC and ICL held a webinar on lessons learned from managed care from a provider’s perspective. ICL, a MCTAC partner and a NYC-based provider of Clinic, PROS, ACT and HCBS services, reviewed experiences around the transition to managed care in New York City. This webinar was geared toward adult BH providers, including HCBS providers, and targeted agency executives and directors. Topics covered included:

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