David Wawrzynek

Business Best Practices & Management Webinar Series: IT / Data

This video is part 2 of a new MCTAC/CTAC training initiative: Business Best Practices & Management Webinar Series. The webinar series was designed to support organizations with limited infrastructure and resources in understanding best practices in business operations. The webinar series shared best practices around important topics such as Key Operational Functions/ Executive Leadership, IT/Data, Finance/Billing, & Quality/Documentation/Compliance.

Allocation Best Practices

Understanding allocations is essential for making informed decisions on a variety of organizational practices and procedures such as billing, distribution of staff time, documentation, case management, management of other expenses, and more. 

This one-hour webinar covered the technical aspects of allocations (including basic principles) and provided strategies for tracking expenses.

Target Audience: Children's Providers, particularly finance staff who are new to the allocation process. 

Outcomes: How to Use Your Data

Gathering data to target outcomes is a difficult and daunting task. It’s important to establish sound data management practice before outcomes can be tracked successfully. Providers can be unsure of how to identify important data elements and how to collect, interpret and share data. 

This webinar provided information about how to use your data to demonstrate value, improve services, inform practice and empower staff.


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