Geraldine Burton

Community Involvement In Behavioral Health Agencies

What role do community members have in your organization? As leaders in behavioral health organizations, it is important to engage local residents and stakeholders in the implementation of programs and policy. This webinar will provide an overview of community-based work and the benefit of involving community members in your agency. Listeners will gain a better understanding of community involvement and learn strategies to help engage members.

Family Peer Advocate Provisional Credential Application Review

This webinar will focus on the Family Peer Advocate (FPA) Provisional Credentialing process.  You will learn about the history of the Credential and why having a Family Peer Advocate Credential is important for anyone entering field of Family Peer Support. We will review the requirements and eligibility criteria for an FPA credential, including a page-by-page review of the Provisional Application, including tips on how to complete each of the sections. 

Parents as Agents of Change: Collaboration in Treatment Planning

School-based mental health programs are increasingly being implemented as an affordable, effective, and productive way to provide mental health services to children and adolescents with social, emotional, and behavioral problems. Providers in these programs are in a unique position to work closely with parents to address the needs of children in their program and help to promote good home-school collaboration.

Family Partnership in Children's Services

Agency and clinic practices that include a parent partner in the services provided for families have been reported as an effective way to increase engagement and retention in services. Parent partners serve as peer support to parents by providing information, being a credible source of information, and modeling effective advocacy and collaborative skill. They also support parents to become advocates for their children and often function as bridges between clinicians and families.

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