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Residential Redesign Update Webinar

For those Part 816.9, 819, 819.9,819.10 programs that have not yet submitted Part 820 designation application the Webinar will provide a refresh on the Part 820 residential redesign model, outline lessons learned from those programs that have converted to part 820 , and provide  relevant resources including, but not limited to the application process and billing guidance.


For operational Part 820 programs the webinar will delineate clinical and administrative concepts critical to a successful service delivery system. 

OASAS Residential Application Intensive Presentations

CASA/MCTAC and OASAS offered a three-day intensive for New York City providers to complete their 820 designation applications. These presentations lay the foundation for transformation and highlight key concepts that providers will address in their 820 applications, such as person-centered care, trauma-informed care, measurement-based care, and ancillary withdrawal.

Presentations on these four key concepts can be downloaded below. 

820 Revised Designation Application Webinar

This webinar was intended for professionals in New York State who provide OASAS Certified Residential Substance Abuse and Crisis Treatment services (Part 819 and Part 816.9) and who are transitioning to Part 820.

This webinar provided: 

  • Section by section instructions for the revised and reformatted designation application 
  • Intent & key points to assist providers in prepararing their applications for designation from Part 819 and Part 816.9 to Part 820 regulations

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