Joe Naughton-Travers

Exploring Partnerships and Collaboration, Part II

Partnership and collaboration are key components of value-based care. Are you unsure about what types of partnerships to enter into? Do your organization’s goals and objectives align with the partnerships you are considering? Are you able to express your organization’s value when approaching a potential partner? What is the best process to follow for reaching consensus and memorializing next steps? Do you have questions about strategy and due diligence?

Part II: Strategy and Due Diligence

Preparing Your Organization for the Transition to Value-Based Payment

MCTAC partnered with Open Minds for an in-person training opportunity to address strategies and actions. This event featured a number of NYS behavioral health organizations who shared their experience creating partnerships. 

This event provided both national and NYS examples, lessons learned, and strategies of effective partnerships as well as concrete tips to ensure appropriate steps are being taken to prepare. The event was free of charge and targeted towards organizational and agency leadership.

Presentation slides are available for download below. Presenters included: 

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