John Coppola

Using Human Resources to Support Organizational Health and Resilience: Long Island and New York City Providers

“Organizational health” and “organizational resiliency” are often heard in discussions about financial management and sustainability.  In human services, these phrases have a deeper meaning as they also speak to the culture of the organization. Healthy and resilient organizational culture consists of a workforce that holds customer well-being as paramount, and leadership that holds workforce well-being as the key to sustainability.  How an organization ascends to health and resilience is a function of its environment, which permeates the workforce and customer experience.

Getting to VALUE: Identifying and Communicating Value in Your Organization

The small business initiative partners hosted in-person workshops as a follow up to the 5/23/17 webinar on creating value propositions. These workshops provided a brief overview of what the components of a strong value proposition should be and helped attendees master the art of creating a value proposition.

These workshops were held on the following dates: 

  • June 6th: Hudson Valley
  • June 7th: Albany
  • June 13th: Batavia
  • June 14th: Buffalo
  • June 21st: NYC 
  • July 25th: Long Island 
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