Lisa Kennedy

Children's HCBS/LOC Eligibility Determination for DD and Med Frag & DD in Foster Care Target Populations

This webinar outlined the process and information needed for HHCM and C-YES to work collaboratively with OPWDD DDROs regarding HCBS LOC Eligibility for the two Target Populations of Developmental Disability (DD) and Medically Fragile & DD in Foster Care.

Target audience:  Health Home Care Management Agencies, C-YES, DDRO, LDSS Foster Care Services staff and Voluntary Foster Care Agencies

Draft OPWDD DDRO Manual - Eligibility Process for Children's Waiver can be found by clicking Resources below. 

Children's Aligned HCBS Series Webinar 3: Community Hab, Day Hab and Palliative Care

This webinar series reviews in detail the Children's Aligned Home and Community Based Service array. 

Each webinar focuses on a distinct group of children's Home and Community Based Services and will include service descriptions, eligibility, and general business rules (such as qualifications, limitations, etc.).

Webinar #3 Covered: Community Habilitation, Day Habilitation, Palliative Care: Bereavement Service, Palliative Care: Expressive Therapy, Palliative Care: Massage Therapy and Palliative Care: Pain and Symptom Management.

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