Marlo Pasion

Why do Policies and Procedures Matter?

In the first episode of MCTAC's The Power of Policies and Procedures webinar series, presenters from NYAPRS and the Coalition for Behavioral Health outlined the need for policy and procedures and demonstrated how up-to-date policies and procedures reflect and enhance organizational health. During the webinar, participants learned the difference between various policies, the degree to which policies are reflective of the organization’s culture, as well learned about the alignment of policy development among agency departments. 

Using Human Resources to Support Organizational Health and Resilience: Long Island and New York City Providers

“Organizational health” and “organizational resiliency” are often heard in discussions about financial management and sustainability.  In human services, these phrases have a deeper meaning as they also speak to the culture of the organization. Healthy and resilient organizational culture consists of a workforce that holds customer well-being as paramount, and leadership that holds workforce well-being as the key to sustainability.  How an organization ascends to health and resilience is a function of its environment, which permeates the workforce and customer experience.

Essential Tips for Tele-Behavioral Health Engagement

Telemental health offers behavioral health providers the unique opportunity to be connected to service participants, which has become increasingly important in this difficult time of public health crisis and social distancing. This pre-recorded webinar will offer guidance around how to engage participants using telemental health. Viewers will gain insight into how to engage and maintain service connection through:

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