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Infrastructure Program Extension Webinar for Adult BH HCBS Providers

On March 30th, 2021, OMH and OASAS presented a webinar on the Infrastructure Program Extension. During this presentation, they provided an overview of the Infrastructure Program to-date, shared their vision for use of these funds to support the transition to CORE Services, and provided details regarding the revised guidance, including recommended funding tiers, eligible expenses, and exclusions.

​Adult BH HCBS State Designated Entity (SDE) Policy Webinar

State partners from OMH and OASAS discussed the updated SDE policy and guidance aimed at improving access to Adult BH HCBS for HARP and HARP-eligible HIV SNP members not enrolled in Health Homes.

Target audience: representatives from Health and Recovery Plans (HARP) and HIV Special Needs Plans (SNP); adult BH HCBS providers; behavioral health providers and Health Home care management agencies

Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery: Delivering Evidence-Based Care with Compassion

Dr. Charles Morgan, Acting Medical Director, NYS OASAS, and Patricia Lincourt, LCSW, Director of Practice Innovation and Care Management, NYS OASAS deliver an engaging conversation that defines the science supporting MAT, the clinical imperative to utilize MAT, and the power of compassion. Learn more about the efficacy of MAT in supporting and sustaining recovery.

From Science to Practice to Value Based Payment - Substance Use Services as Healthcare

In collaboration with NYS OASAS, CASA/MCTAC held an event focusing on: 

-National Trends and Innovations in Substance Use Services and Healthcare
-Substance Use Services Role in a Transforming Healthcare System
-Implications for Care

Keynote Speaker: Vivek H. Murthy, M.D.  the 19th Surgeon General of the United States 
Featuring: Tami Mark, PhD, MBA, Senior Director, Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice at RTI International

OASAS 820 Implementation: Chapter 1, Administrative Readiness

This is the first chapter in a video series highlighting Residential Redesign and the implementation process. Providers from two programs, Horizon Health Services and Catholic Family Center, discuss their experiences in transitioning to a Part 820 from an administrative and billing perspective. Topics include educating stakeholders, partnering with MCOs, establishing foundations for billing, and understanding key billing elements.


OASAS In Community Services: Benefits and Opportunities

This webinar is intended for OASAS professionals: This webinar on In Community Services walks through the provider experience of implementing In Community Services. Topics discussed include an overview of how In Community Services are reimbursed by Medicaid, a look at the benefits of this service, and an overview from Odyssey House and Silver Lake around their experiences with In Community Services.

OASAS Crisis Services: Improving the Continuum of Care and Bridging the Treatment Gap

Slides from the OASAS and CASA/MCTAC presentation on NYC Crisis Services and Early Stabilization are available for download below. This presentation included discussions around innovations to improve outcomes and transitions to care with OASAS, CASA/MCTAC, treatment providers, managed care plans, and other stakeholders. 

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