Ruth Colón-Wagner

Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic: Identifying and Assisting the Most Vulnerable and Socially Isolated Adults Struggling with Behavioral Health Problems

We are all experiencing highly stressful challenges during this unprecedented pandemic. Adults with serious mental health and/or substance use problems are particularly vulnerable, especially those who live alone and have little social connections. One of the most critical and universal resiliency factors during highly adverse conditions involves access to social support.

MCTAC+ Supervision Difficult Conversations

As you navigate all of your many responsibilities as a supervisor, inevitably you will encounter the need for engaging in difficult conversations regarding employee performance and taking corrective action. This webinar reviewed eight steps for maximizing the effectiveness of these conversations so that people feel safe and are open to change. The Transactional Analysis of communication is introduced as an approach to support the supervisor/supervisee relationship through these difficult conversations.

Webinar participants will:

Empowering Recovery and Resilience with Mindfulness

There are many health benefits that accompany mindfulness.  Balanced breathing and regulated emotions are just a few. Mindfulness can also help promote recovery and adapting to adversity.  

This workshop will focus on empowering recovery and resilience with mindfulness techniques, including journaling and other practices.  Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and seek assistance with learning these practical skills to use in therapeutic settings.

Please click on "Resources" below for the toolkit mentioned in the webinar. 

Part 1: Person and Family-Centered Planning and Leadership: Implementing Recovery-Oriented Planning at the Organizational Level

Transforming an organization begins with a vision and leadership.  It is a dynamic and ongoing process that sets the stage and nurtures the change, ensuring quality and fidelity to the organization’s vison and mission.  This webinar will provide an overview of organizational change and how recovery oriented/person-centered care is vital to successful personal outcomes as well as to organizational success within a value-based system.

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