Sabra Katz-Wise

Transgender Youth: How Family Involvement Affects Mental Health

Research indicates that family support is a critical protective factor for transgender youths’ mental health, but many families struggle with acceptance. Mental health providers can help support transgender youth by engaging families in treatment. This webinar will be co-presented by developmental psychologist and researcher Dr. Sabra L. Katz-Wise and credentialed Family Peer Advocate Karen Fuller.

The goals for this webinar are to:

Transgender Youth and Mental Health

Transgender youth face unique struggles that often go unnoticed or unattended. Available research indicates that transgender youth are at greater risk for numerous adverse mental health outcomes compared to cisgender youth, including depression, anxiety, and suicide attempts. As mental health providers, it is crucially important to be aware of these mental health concerns and associated risk and protective factors in order to successfully work with transgender youth.

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