Steve Miccio

Access and Engagement in the Value Equation: Solutions That Work

Part 2 of the "Solutions that Work" Series: Peer Services in the Value Equation

MCTAC+ offered three “Solutions That Work” webinars focusing on proven implementation strategy in three essential solution orientations: Peer Services, Health Integration, and Access and Engagement. These webinars were intended for behavioral health executives, managers, direct care staff and anyone interested in applying solutions for meeting the value challenge.

Peers in Clinics: Improving Quality and Outcomes

The  power of peer support services has reached a high level of visibility, and measureable success that is now recognized nationwide and is being funded by state and local governments, community healthcare providers and managed care. Clinic services are changing at a rapid pace as well and looking to new and innovative approaches to achieve desired outcomes. Join 3 of New York’s leading Peer innovators as they share a backdrop on the growing sophistication and emerging evidence for the effectiveness of peer run service innovations.

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