Business Guidance 

Billing Resource for Adult BH HCBS and Article 31 Providers

Children's Medicaid System Transformation Billing and Coding Manual
Children's System Rate Change Guidance - Dec 2020
Children and Family Treatment and Support Rates
CFTSS Concurrent Review Authorization Form Template
Children's HCBS Rates
Electronic Systems Vendor List 
HARP HCBS Fee Schedule

HARP/Mainstream Billing and Coding Manual

HARP/Mainstream Coding Crosswalk

New York Medicaid Program 29-I Health Facility Billing Guidance
OASAS Certified Part 822 Programs Services in the Community Clinical and Billing Guidance

OASAS Part 820 Medicaid Enrollment and Managed Care Contracting and Billing

OASAS Residential Treatment Revenue Calculator
Technical Billing Specifications for CFTSS & HCBS


Designation & Staffing (Credentialing) 

Children's Family Treatment and Support Services/HCBS Designation Instructions 

Children's Family Treatment and Support Services/HCBS Provider Designation Application and Guide

CFTSS and Children's HCBS Staff Qualification Changes

National Provider Identifier

National Provider Identifier Application

OASAS Part 820 Nurses' FAQ

OASAS Residential Re-Design Conversion Application

OASAS Residential Re-Design Personnel Qualifications Worksheet 

OASAS Residential Re-Design Application Staffing Worksheet

General Managed Care 


Insurance Law Guidance for OASAS Providers

 NYS Council on Children and Families Multiple Systems Navigator

OASAS Part 820 Briefing Paper

OASAS Part 820 Glossary of Terms

 OASAS Residential Re-Design Readiness Guide

Value Based Payments Introductory Video
Consumer Education BH Medicaid Managed Care Video Series



Adult BH HCBS Plan of Care Template
Adult BH HCBS Prior and/or Continuing Authorization Request Form

Adult BH HCBS Resource Guide for Health Home Care Management Agencies

Adult BH HCBS Workflow Guidance

Children's HCBS Authorization and Care Manager Notification Form

Children's HCBS Workflow Guidance 

Children's Health and Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services Manual
Children's Waiver HCBS Plan of Care Workflow Policy Reminder

Continuity of Care for Recipients of Adult BH HCBS Awaiting Reassessment
Guidance Memo: Adult BH HCBS in Homeless Settings
Language Assistance Services for Adult BH HCBS

  State Designated Entity Policy Guidance 


Manuals & Clinical Guidance

Adult Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services Manual
 Adult HCBS Settings Guidance for HHCM/Plans
Children's Health and Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services Draft Manual
Children and Family Treatment and Support Services Draft Manual
CFTSS Example of MedicalNecessity/LPHA Recommendation Form

CFTSS Incident Reporting Manual
CFTSS Pathways to Care
DOH CFTSS Health Record Documentation Guidance

Process and Delivery of Children's Services
OASAS Continuing Care Guidance

OASAS Part 820 Policy and Procedure Guidance

OASAS Part 820 Transition Planning Checklist



Additional Training Resources 

 COVID-19 Resources

 CANS-NY Technical Assistance Institute

 The Evidence-Based Treatment Dissemination Center (EBTDC)

Center for Practice Innovations (CPI) at Columbia Psychiatry