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Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment (CORE) Services

Implementing CORE Services: Toolkit & Financial Calculator

The ability to convey the value of CORE services to both care recipients and other community-based providers is essential for developing and maintaining a sustainable CORE business model. On a programmatic level, CORE managers and supervisors need to develop strategies for marketing services and building a referral network. On a direct service level, CORE providers need to have a solid understanding of CORE eligibility and services in order to match and bundle services with the recipient’s needs and preferences.

MCTAC in partnership with NYAPRS and CCSI is pleased to offer the CORE Implementation Training Series. This multimodal training series will equip CORE designated providers of all levels with the tools and guidance needed to successfully implement CORE Services. Learn more about each offering below! 

CORE Implementation Toolkit 

Developed in partnership with NYAPRS and CCSI, this toolkit contains resources helpful to providers around the implementation of CORE. A brief description of each resource and its intended audience is also included.

CORE Financial Calculator and Companion Guide

Before implementing programmatic changes it’s important to have an understanding of how these changes may affect the organization’s business model. To help providers develop a sustainable CORE business model, MCTAC, CCSI, and NYAPRS developed a Financial Calculator Toolkit to allow providers to test assumptions and strategize based on the results. Learn more below

  • CORE Financial Modeling Calculator Tool and Companion Guide (Release Date: June 2022) The CORE Fiscal Model Tool is designed to help providers develop a sustainable business strategy. Use this model to test different assumptions such as staffing costs, productivity, and more when building your CORE budget and implementation plan. Providers can also use access the CORE Financial Model Companion Guide. This written guide helps providers identify the data they need in order to utilize the CORE Financial Calculator Tool effectively. It also includes operational definitions needed when building a budget. 
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