Special Initiatives

COVID-19 Resources for Behavorial Health Providers

Other Government Guidance

NYS Executive Order Extending Telehealth Regulatory Flexibility (Updated 9.8.20)

Timely Billing for CFTSS and Children's HCBS during COVID (Issued 6.2020)

Amendment to Children's Waiver (HCBS) During COVID (Approved by CMS 6.2020)

COVID-19 Guidance for Designated Children and Family Treatment and Support Service (CFTSS) Providers (Updated 6.10.20)

COVID-19 Guidance for Children’s Waiver (HCBS) Service Providers (Updated 6.10.20)

DOH Updated Protocols on COVID Patient Isolation in Congregate Settings (Issued 4.19.20)

DOH Updated Protocols for Personnel in Healthcare and Other Direct Care Settings to Return to Work Following COVID-19 Exposure or Infection (Issued 3.28.20)

DOH Medicaid Update Regarding Use of Telehealth During COVID-19 (Issued 3.20.20)

Interim Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfection of Public & Private Facilities for COVID-19 (Issued 3.10.20)

Interim Guidance for Large Gatherings & Public Spaces During the COVID-19 Outbreak (Updated Daily)

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